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  1. Paul F

    Counting the Swings of a Clock Pendulum

    I think you should count the teeth on the gears and work out the ratio :). I've done that on several clocks. Mark a reference tooth on each gear with a felt pen and count. Then you know the right answer. I've even used the threads-per-inch of the pendulum adjustment to find out how much one turn...
  2. Paul F

    4TB USB HDD, UEFI only system, weak sectors

    Sorry Dan, that was me :oops:. My test hard drive had nothing on it so I didn't notice that anything had happened to it. I did notice my boot 'thumb' drive stopped working, which I thought was something I had caused, but that was explained by all the other reports. I had nothing to add and...
  3. Paul F

    SN875 - Living in a simulation.

    Part of the problem is that the flanges on most USB sockets do not extend around the corners. If you cannot see to align the plug with the socket it can get caught on the upper or lower flange making you think you have its orientation wrong.
  4. Paul F

    SpinRite 6.1

    Here's a utility that can fill a disk by writing files with pseudo-random data and read them back for verification.
  5. Paul F

    Thought / question about ASM

    I think looking into 'mangled names' will answer your question.
  6. Paul F


    This utility may provide you with some interesting information (Nir Sofer is a well regarded developer of Windows utilities).
  7. Paul F

    Mashing keys

    One last thought: try booting with power from the AC adapter only i.e. unplug the AC adapter, remove the AC battery, hold the power button down and release after ~20 sec., plug in the adapter (leave the battery out) and see it it will power up. It's worth trying in case it works...
  8. Paul F

    Mashing keys

    I expect you have tried a lot of the suggestions on the internet. I does seem strange that 'mashing' the keyboard would break the computer. Have you tried a cold boot while holding down CTRL + ESC to see if you can get the BIOS Recovery page? Also, with not much to lose at this point, does...
  9. Paul F

    Mashing keys

    You could try removing the battery, waiting a bit, then replacing it for a true power off/on reset cycle. 'Googling' offers this suggestion for XPS 15 9530: F2 for BIOS, F12 for boot options, Fn+Power button for Pre-boot System Assessment
  10. Paul F

    Advent of Code 2021

  11. Paul F


    Unfortunately when you exit SpinRite 6.0 it restarts the computer. You can't exit to DOS. Your best bet is ReadSpeed as suggested above.
  12. Paul F

    IDE's and GUI's for Python and Golang

    A few years ago I wanted to make a simple GUI in Go and used Walk
  13. Paul F

    Advent of Code 2021

    Day 9: Part 1 is fairly straightforward. I added a border of 9s to avoid dealing with the edge conditions. I also saved the coordinates of the low points for use in part 2. I had to think about Part 2 for a while, not sure how to map out the basins. Then I thought of the following fairly...
  14. Paul F

    Advent of Code 2021

    I'll agree if you omit 'especially'. I have no hope of getting on the Leaderboard. I don't even start the puzzle until the morning - at least 6 hours after it's posted. I enjoy thinking about the problem and working on the program at a leisurely pace. If you want to get on the Leaderboard...
  15. Paul F

    Advent of Code 2021

    I'd like to see a YouTube video of a 7 minute (from the AoC Leaderboard) solution to Parts 1 and 2. It takes me longer than that to read the instructions and follow the example. My first approach to Part 2 was a brute force 'try all permutations of the segments '. It worked, then I decided to...