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  • SpinRite Release Candidate #5 Posted
    Another heads-up for anyone who's interested in remaining current with SpinRite as it moves from pre-release to final v6.1. The DOS executable "SRPR.EXE" now being offered by GRC's pre-release page has been updated to Pre-Release #5. Only one error was found in RC4: When the log exceeded more than 113,359 lines, the oldest lines were not being discarded from the on-screen "scroll-back" buffer. That's fixed in RC5. Otherwise, so far as anyone knows, SpinRite 6.1 is finally ready for the world. This interim FAQ page has pre-release downloading details.
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  1. Paul F

    How long will SpinRite continue to try

    Perhaps you are thinking of this thread: Bin it / Keep it
  2. Paul F

    Will SR take advantage of a faster CPU?

    If you can get your P4 system up and running without spending any money, then certainly try it first.
  3. Paul F

    Will SR take advantage of a faster CPU?

    The limitation on your P4 may be the SATA speed. I have a motherboard that supports SATA-3. As a rough guide: for a 1TB hard drive, it scans a SATA-3 HD in ~2 hrs. a SATA-2 HD in ~3hrs, and a SATA-1 HD in ~4hrs. SR6.1 will not run on a UEFI-only motherboard.
  4. Paul F

    Win10: "Refreshing System Information..."

    Download and run Sysinternals Process Explorer then drag the target icon onto the window of interest. It should highlight the associated process.
  5. Paul F

    Reporting Spinrite Error

    Really? Do you think proceeding on a partition that SpinRite 6.0 sees as greater than the drive size might have something to do with it?
  6. Paul F

    One of my disks doesn't show up.

    I have followed up in a conversation.
  7. Paul F

    Using Spinrite 6.1 as a VM in VM Ware 17 A set of files that will, in most cases, allow SpinRite 6.1 to access USB drives beyond the 137 gigabyte limit is available at the above URL. This set of files will be available on the GRC website when...
  8. Paul F

    A Patch for a SpinRite v6.0 Overflow

    True. What's missing from this thread are two private conversations to troubleshoot this BIOS anomaly which do not belong in the blog. They both involve BIOSes that don't respect the interrupt vectors reserved for user programs, so MDFYSR60 thinks those interrupts are being used. One has been...
  9. Paul F

    Downloading Latest SR 6.1 Beta?

    Return to your previous thread and follow the steps here Specifically don't run SPINRITE.EXE to create anything. Just copy the file to the USB flash drive. Then copy MDFYSR60.COM to the flash drive. Open a Windows Command...
  10. Paul F

    Something fun about operating systems

    Good Luck :)
  11. Paul F

    Something fun about operating systems

    Agreed. I had a quick look at ReactOS. I think you'll find what you are looking for in kinit.c.
  12. Paul F

    Understanding Hardware

    Yes. Here is an example of the many registers in a video controller chip: It's common to have an address register and a data register. They use up two PC I/O addresses but the address register can address many internal data registers in the chip.
  13. Paul F

    Array of pointers, VirtualAlloc and RtlMoveMemory. MASM, some kind of problem.

    You've probably already found info on the MOVS instructions. Here's one on Stack Overflow that has a fairly detailed answer: To get you started: Set DS and ES if necessary MOV ESI, source address * MOV EDI, destination...
  14. Paul F

    Array of pointers, VirtualAlloc and RtlMoveMemory. MASM, some kind of problem.

    I'm looking at your posts. My assembly programs were for DOS using MASM 5.1. I'm not used to things like 32-bit registers, proc, invoke, PROTO, .while and so on. I noticed your question, "any other way to do this than one character at a time" REP MOVSB will copy a string from DS: (E)SI to ES...
  15. Paul F

    Computer Nostalgia - Hardware 40 Years Ago

    I still have my first programmable digital computer from 1965. About 20 years later I got a Hyperion.