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  1. miquelfire

    3-2-1 backup, what other media do you use besides HDDs?

    I use Macrium Reflect as well to create nightly backups. I have it set to keep 14 incremental backups on my Drobo 5N2 NAS. Currently have 3 4TB and 2 3TB disks in there with "RAID 6" protection. Some issues with how Drobo does things might cause me to switch to using my Unraid box as a...
  2. miquelfire

    HTTPS fingerprints mismatched

    If the IE thing is correct, we need someone who is still running XP (and maybe Windows 7) to see if IE comes up with the same cert as Steve's checker. Or someone who knows enough info to fool CloudFlare's servers with OpenSSL's client into thinking we have those versions of IE (I assume it's the...
  3. miquelfire

    HTTPS fingerprints mismatched

    So it being location base is out the window, but I'm reminded that Cloudflare had to something special to allow IE on XP (I might be wrong on Windows version). If that's going on, then the Fingerprint reader is using TLS settings that Cloudflare is just using a SSL 3.0 compatible cert. And my...
  4. miquelfire, plaid, and your bank. Is your info really safe?

    The main reason is popular is because most credit card companies don't offer the virtual credit cards. I really wish this was a standard so didn't have a reason to exist in the first place.
  5. miquelfire

    HTTPS fingerprints mismatched

    Michigan here and I get the 11:7A:9E:53:1A:1A:84:1A:04:0A:B8:9E:A5:40:95:87:7A:3B:43:4D fingerprint. Anyone near the west side of the US can check?
  6. miquelfire

    Why DNS encryption is not the norm?

    The "areas" are divided into two slots, cable and DSL, so the examples you gave, AT&T and Comcast can't block each other. I think AT&T's Time Warner purchase did put AT&T into both slots in some places however.
  7. miquelfire

    Moxie Marlinspike hacks the hackers (Cellebrite)

    If the reason the way he got it was staged, it might be to protect the actual buyer. Cellebrite might not allow some random person to buy their products so Moxie can't really buy it directly from them as a result, but he knows someone who can.
  8. miquelfire

    Moxie Marlinspike hacks the hackers (Cellebrite)

    There's a chance he made up the fall of a truck story and went far enough to show it on the ground to make that story believable. Like he bought it via a way he doesn't want to be closed off from being able to buy it again.
  9. miquelfire

    A list of devices/machines known to NOT be able to legacy boot

    MSI MPG Z590 GAMING CARBON WIFI It's made recently enough that I should assume it belongs on this list (released this year actually), but poking around the BIOS, I saw help text that tells me the BIOS supports CSM, but the video bios needs to support it as well for it to be chosen. Seeing as...
  10. miquelfire

    Terabyte Image for Windows backup strategy?

    I'm using Cloudberry to backup my Unraid server, and it has an option to delete files after x days it's been deleted locally.
  11. miquelfire

    Defending against cellphone spying

    I think with the 4G/LTE bit, MichaelRSorg is referring to the data. It may be an issue for cell providers who require Voice over Data.
  12. miquelfire

    be wary of Roku

    For the Visio, it might be for some wireless screen mirroring feature. Even though they're on different networks, I always wondered why my computer could mirror it's display to my Roku devices (along with some 40 inch Roku TV a neighbor around here owns).
  13. miquelfire

    be wary of Roku

    Yes it is. I'm amazed at how much DNS traffic my network makes actually. I would have zapped the free tier of NextDNS within a week it seems. Edit: I just remembered a detail that might be important, my internal network doesn't have IPv6 setup. My router has a IPv6 ip, but none of my internal...
  14. miquelfire

    be wary of Roku

    I know my Roku uses my router DNS... NextDNS is blocking some Roku domains with the default blocking list >.> I really need to catch up on my podcasts...
  15. miquelfire

    Internet Tracking Site Discovered(?) via NextDNS

    Do you have other devices on your network? Something on your phone, for example, might be calling that domain. I signed up for NextDNS because Cloudflare tends to drop queries a lot here for some reason (I assume whatever blocked me from using it when they first started, the whole random...