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  1. MichaelRSorg

    problem booting Lenovo desktop to USB flash drive

    A Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n did not boot to the USB flash drive with ReadSpeed after making the most obvious changes: enabling the USB HDD as the first bootable thing and disabling secure boot. BIOS is from American Megatrends (version 2.20.somethinglong) The next likely BIOS option to change is...
  2. MichaelRSorg

    FYI Most common "boot menu" keys to press at startup

    F12 for a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n
  3. MichaelRSorg

    Steve Gibson port scanner port 443?

    Chris, What your network expert friend said is quite irrelevant to the issue at hand. The correct response is that there should not be any open ports, so yes you do have a security problem. And, there is no such thing as "an internal network port scan using Sheilds-UP for port 443."...
  4. MichaelRSorg

    scanning usb sticks for malware

    I would plug the USB flash drives into a Chromebook running in Guest Mode. If there is malware, you are protected. Copy off any files you want to the Chromebook and re-format the flash drives from the Chromebook.
  5. MichaelRSorg

    The Adobe PDF Reader on Windows is HUGE

    @rfrazier I too am a big fan of the Sumatra PDF reader, but I do keep up with new releases, not that there are many. For the few times when forms need to be filled in or other advanced features are needed, I keep one copy of the full Adobe "reader" program on a test computer.
  6. MichaelRSorg

    Pending pre-reqs missing

    ReadSpeed needs a list of its pre-reqs in one place. From my limited experience: The minimum/maximum size of the USB flash drive The necessary (if any) file system on the USB flash drive The Windows program needs to be run as an Admin user The Windows program does not run with Controlled...
  7. MichaelRSorg

    The Adobe PDF Reader on Windows is HUGE

    Just how big? 2 gigabytes (64 bit version on Windows 10). I could only find 1,392 MB of Adobe software on the C disk. That still leaves 608 MB un-accounted for. Details here
  8. MichaelRSorg

    Bit Rot, Windows 7, 2 TB SSD, Long Ago

    I completely agree with the suggestion to boot into a memtest CD/DVD/flash drive. If it is a heat issue, running memtest for a few hours might let you see that too. I also agree that the time has come to look into the BSOD error codes and Nirsoft is a great place to start. Samsung Magician...
  9. MichaelRSorg


    Auto updating is fine for non-techies. Us techies prefer to chose the time when we update. As for resetting all settings that is not true, in general. If its true for DD-WRT that is a reason to avoid DD-WRT. That is a miserable design. Any good router will let you backup all the current...
  10. MichaelRSorg


    For routers and networks see There are two lists of config changes on the home page, a short list for non techies and a long list for us computer nerds. For defense in general, see If you care about security, stop using Windows. Really. Leo...
  11. MichaelRSorg

    Secure Network On-the-Go or Lending to Strangers

    Interesting question. I know that the Vilfo router can do what you want. That is, create an SSID and have it always use a VPN connection while other SSIDs, use a different VPN connection or none at all. But, its $400. Its from a VPN provider that has partnerships with over 20 other VPN...
  12. MichaelRSorg

    Cable Down (literally)

    There are lots of different solutions. Start with where does the alternate net access come from? One solution is Wi-Fi from a neighbor (if they will let you and the signal is strong enough). The GL.iNet devices can use that as input (so to speak) to get you online. Other than that, I believe...
  13. MichaelRSorg

    Securing a cellphone account

    Just an FYI. There is more info/links about securing a cellphone account in the Sim Swap section of