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  1. Mervyn Haynes

    Pending Readspeed does not detect M.2 disks

    Time & patience my friend. All will come to those that wait. See here. I suspect you will have to wait longer than you think!
  2. Mervyn Haynes

    Cable Down (literally)

    I forgot to say, my Iphones are not locked to any network, bought them full price from Apple with no contract.
  3. Mervyn Haynes

    Cable Down (literally)

    I don't know if it IS the phone. It may be the network provider. When I was looking for a cellular provider to use tethering to connect to the home network via USB or WiFi, not all of them would work. Some of them had the tethering option "greyed out". When I contacted the companies, they...
  4. Mervyn Haynes

    Cable Down (literally)

    Do let us know if it works, as I said previously I don't think it will that way around, at least not for the Iphone. Other phones may have different millage.
  5. Mervyn Haynes

    Cable Down (literally)

    The way I temporally got around the landline going down was to use Iphone hotspot sharing with a USB cable to my main PC, then share the PC's internet connection via WiFi. Not the best or fastest solution, but hey, any port in a storm! The cheapest SIM deal I could get, without tying into a...
  6. Mervyn Haynes

    Cable Down (literally)

    I thought of this, and it seems with the Iphone at least it is only a one way street! Ie the Iphone can use the ethernet internet, but the ethernet device cannot use the Iphone internet. You may want to consider a LTM modem, Netgear make some portable & "normal routers" from about £150 to over...
  7. Mervyn Haynes

    FYI Using Google Voice instead of your mobile number for 2FA

    I believe you can still send a text to a copper wire analogue phone. When you answer the phone a text to speech converter reads it to you. Mind you it has been several years since I tried this!
  8. Mervyn Haynes

    FILM Camera Shutter Speed Tester, Ext Light Meter

    I thought the curtains travelled the same speed across the film, no matter what the speed set. It was the size of the slit that varied when you changed the shutter speed to expose the film. Smaller slit, less time. This would also explain how you could have long exposure times, ie one curtain...
  9. Mervyn Haynes

    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    Thanks for the update you now posted on the .dev group Steve
  10. Mervyn Haynes

    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    Steve, even in that news group updates are pretty thin on the ground lately! How about a weekly update so we all know what's going on. Even SN has not had much SR update news.
  11. Mervyn Haynes

    Browse Happy?

    I too tried this with no problems. Thought it might be a country specific thing, but works fine from the UK.
  12. Mervyn Haynes

    NVME 2.0

    Confucius, he say, "Never trust anything with a .0 on the end" Wait for the .1!
  13. Mervyn Haynes

    Alternative Android OS ?

    An alternative to Android OS is IPhone's OS! (Arg Arg Humour Mork style)
  14. Mervyn Haynes

    Spinrite 6.0 + IBM ThinkPad 600E - Freeze/Crash - Despair

    He has already tried that Paul, that is why I suggested to contact Greg.
  15. Mervyn Haynes

    Spinrite 6.0 + IBM ThinkPad 600E - Freeze/Crash - Despair

    PS the email is