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    6.1 3 years?

    Is it really 3 years this month Steve has been working on SR 6.1? From what I remember he started again on it in Jan 2020, after finishing SQRL. Add that to the 4 months in 2013 before he started SQRL, and that is 36 months! If my maths are correct. .......................... I can hear the...
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    Better Call Saul

    In the last episode of SN (881), right at the end Leo says he is going home to watch the last episode of Better Call Saul (season 6). I think, he thinks, there are only 10 episodes in this last series, like all the previous 5 series. There are in fact 13 episodes in season 6, so I hope he...
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    Password managers

    1234567890 it is then, boy this password thing is getting complicated, if only there was another way!
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    Password managers

    That is a good point, maybe will add a 9 on the end to make super safe! No one should be able to crack that, even with 4 Q bits.
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    6.1 development releases

    If you contact GRC tech support, you can get your original licence key and download a copy at any time, even SR5 for floppies.
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    SN875 - Living in a simulation.

    Or just insert the thing with the USB symbol facing you?
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    Password managers

    I still don't understand why 1234 won't do as a password for every site. But for better strength I use Monkey!
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    Drive Erasure Tool

    And in the right lighting conditions (or should I say wrong), it is not that invisible!
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    Drive Erasure Tool

    And there was me thinking all tricks were done using invisible threads, now you say its MAGNETS! :)
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    Drive Erasure Tool

    I believe Steve is looking into this, it is a product he will call "Beyond Recall".
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    3D Printing

    I saw online a saw years ago a 3D file for a digital sundial. That would be fun to print. just found this.
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    Closed Downloading all episodes of Security Now

    I will bear that in mind with my 0.000028856 bitcoins! I got that free when buying a pizza.
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    SN Listener Forever (ME) Makes ~TWO Security Mistakes

    I think we have all done that in the past, but not now in this day & age! I remember 20 years ago I had an email from what I thought was my paragliding instructor. We were both into films, and the Matrix had been released. The link in his email was pointing to "The Matrix screensaver", the...
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    Closed Downloading all episodes of Security Now

    I don't think I could be reminded every year of that.:mad: At least they lasted, I used to have to buy lights every other year. Each time one or two lamps would not work, and you could not obtain any spares as they were different sets every year.
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    Closed Downloading all episodes of Security Now

    I came across SN at episode 21 (Windows Metafile exploit ) while in Vancouver. My laptop had "caught a cold" and an internet searched brought up GRC. I got hooked, and listening to back episodes, then was not a problem ( heck the first one was about 20 mins if I remember ). What ever happened...