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    NAT Slipstreaming from Samy Kamkar

    A bonus for the SIP ALG ... most if not all VoIP providers want you to disable SIP ALG anyway since they are unpredictable and unreliable. It is far easier for the VoIP provider to handle seeing the internal IP addresses in the SIP payload and just knowing how to deal with that...
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    Levels of Unix guru

    I was in a corporate network consulting group ... part of the flock of seagulls fired upon poor unsuspecting customers :-) Based out of PKO2. It was a fun place to work and I really enjoyed being onsite with customers and helping them.
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    Levels of Unix guru

    Another VMS fan here (and ex-DEC employee late 80's to early 90's). Linux is my second love :-)
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    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    I have "the most dangerous" 1TB drive I've ever met. I'll explain why: - it was removed from a production system because of some RAID errors I was not part of diagnosing - SMART is happy all around, no unusual errors - Format NTFS or EXT4 and you can read/write files to your heart's content -...
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    What would you run in an EdgeRouterX?

    If you want to try OpenWRT (with a nice simplified GUI on top it, but still with full access to OpenWRT) ... $20 will buy this little gem: I'm not going to use it as my primary firewall (I'm a pfSense fan all the way). But this little OpenWRT 2...