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    DNSBenchmark everything red

    Answer; somewhere along the lines either I or pfBlocker added redirect rules to force DNS to pfBlocker. Those don't get removed when pfBlocker is removed, making me think I added them and forgot about them. The real mystery is how was pihole able to resolve if all that was blocked.
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    DNSBenchmark everything red

    Kind of confused here, all these servers show up in DNSBenchmark as not working. BUT PiHole on this same network is using google. I can manually configure clients with google or Q9 and they work. At first I ran DNSBenchmark in wine under ubuntu and got this result but tried it again in windows...
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    Alternative Android OS ?

    I’ve heard good things about Graphene and privacy. and
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    Where to start; selecting a infosec partner.

    Small company, we don’t have them.
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    Where to start; selecting a infosec partner.

    Yes, that's where we are at the moment, doing all this ourselves. Would like a up to date security focused vendor checkup as a second opinion, probably on part time contract terms.
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    Call for Opinions: Topics for “Conversation Forums”

    Most forums I visit have some sort of for sale / for trade section. Thoughts about that?
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    Where to start; selecting a infosec partner.

    As a small HVAC Controls dealer that is getting into hosting our customers controls servers how do we go about finding a independent contractor to evaluate our security posture and help us improve? When I look in this sector I'm feeling overwhelmed at how much is out there and it feels like a...