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    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    At first I did not think LP did that and when I tried to use the button it did not appear. I have since found out that if you have never changed the password it only shows the current password no others are known so not displayed.
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    Out with the old..... [SpinRite]

    That would effectively mean that a change would be necessary every quarter I don't think @Steve could keep up to that schedule. No let us leave it the way @Steve put forward in the roadmap.
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    A list of devices/machines known to definitely be able to legacy boot

    PCs based on the P9X79 LE motherboard from ASUS. The various BIOS options are believed not to include native USB. boot capability. However it has been found that if there is a bootable CD/DVD in an attached CD/DVD drive that a bootable USB can be booted and has been proven to be able to run...