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    SQRL Forum login issue

    Odd occurrences! I just tried my access to SQRL forums without any problems. I have been checking there every time I check these forums. Maybe its a 'no access for a long time' that is doing it.
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    SN849 is A VlRus - as confirmed by YouTube

    I don't normally watch SN these days just read the show notes. So what are you talking about?
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    FYI Most common "boot menu" keys to press at startup

    On a slightly different track. If you have an ASUS motherboard but the BIOS does not allow booting from a USB stick you may be helped, as I was, by the fact that if a bootable CD/DVD is in the drive when you shutdown, on start up pressing the F8 key may, if you time it right bring up a list of...
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    Linux is going great

    Might I suggest you take a look at the site. Jay is a good guide for beginners and has some fairly advanced video tutorials.
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    Pending Confusion over access to SQRL and GRC Forums

    Thanks to all who helped I will try to resolve this tomorrow.
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    Pending Confusion over access to SQRL and GRC Forums

    I cannot see how to compare the different SQRL Ids so I have reset the old-fashioned username and password and used it to access the forums here which correctly shows the username MacNala. I have yet to see if I can access using the SQRL id from the myDocuments sqrl folder .
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    My profile identifiers Macnala*

    Steve may thanks for taking the time out to follow up on this mess. I seem to be using just one id now Macnala3 if you could tidy up the rest, archive or delete it does not matter to me. Keep up the good work and hope I can help when it comes to testing SR6.1 et al.
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    What's new changes?

    I think perhaps I am imagining things. It is working as I thought it did but I had never seen the additional postings - not updated since my last visit - before. As far as I know just displaying the new postings is enough to set the posts as read. My usual practice was to click What's new, click...
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    What's new changes?

    To be honest I do not know what you are referring to, Filters on the RHS. I am referring to the response to clicking the What's new on the top bar.
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    What's new changes?

    Is it my memory or has the 'What;s new' function changed to show not updated posts? I was accustomed to clicking on 'What's new' and if nothing was displayed moving on or if a new post has been made viewing it. Now it seems to me that if there is just one 'new' posting it shows other postings...
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    My profile identifiers Macnala*

    I now have a secured copy of both and a file backup on both machines. So if I have to re-build again, I am prepared. However there is no way to reuse the previous profile identifier as you have to sign in to the forum after accessing using SQRL. I remember earlier posts, from others, in which it...
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    My profile identifiers Macnala*

    I started using SQRL way back. Since then I have had two PCs which needed a rebuild from the ground up. Re-installing SQRL works fine but when it comes to the GRC Public Forums and the SQRL forum I now have 3 or four different identifiers Macnala, Macnala2, Macnala3. I suppose Steve has the...
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    Authors and series of books I enjoy.. the ones that feature prominently in my mind now

    Shame you exceeded the character limit. Have you published a blog on this subject, I for one would like to read it.
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    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    It was unusual when I got married, almost 54 years ago, but as my wife had also many business contacts and staff the change never took place they all called her Miss {unmarriedname}.
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    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    At first I did not think LP did that and when I tried to use the button it did not appear. I have since found out that if you have never changed the password it only shows the current password no others are known so not displayed.