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  1. Lob

    3-2-1 backup, what other media do you use besides HDDs?

    I use OneDrive for my data plus I use Veeam free tier to back up to SMB which just happens to be in the OneDrive structure of my server. Daily incrementals and monthly full with Veeam. I was with Macrium but I hopped to this a month or two ago. The machine image is just for convenience, the...
  2. Lob

    DNS over TLS inside a VPN, is this going over board?

    VPN secures your traffic to a concentrator somewhere on the Internet. Securing DNS over this connection still protects your privacy as neither your ISP or your VPN provider has an insight into the queries. The VPN provider will still see the sites you go to (but not the exact URL) should they...
  3. Lob

    These are all the encrypting software I have tried in Windows

    you missed cryptomator and Bitlocker. I like the former because "Cryptomator [on the other hand] encrypts each file individually. If you update one document, only these changes will get synchronized."
  4. Lob

    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    Bitwarden free tier for personal use is for life, apparently. I am happy to use their platform for my blob of randomness, 500'000 rounds should be enough for now.
  5. Lob

    How should I improve my BT Broadband Fibre connection speeds (UK)

    CPE is the kit from BT CG-NAT is carrier grade NAT, basically the carrier NATs your IPv4 traffic and you have IPv6 available As pointed out by Alan, make the connectivity as simple as possible and measure the speed using a known good LAN cable. Also ensure that your device is properly set up...
  6. Lob

    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    and it is with great interest that Bitwarden is now a sponsor on the Twit network, specifically Security Now :)
  7. Lob

    email security

    that looks interesting but once again, only really secure in their back yard: Emailing non-Criptext users All emails sent to non-Criptext addresses (Eg. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) are sent as normal, unencrypted emails. I am going to try it though :)
  8. Lob

    email security

    a classic example of how email security is both hard and inconvenient. All aspects involve trade-offs. A corporate example of this is Totemo; once again, you have a "fake" inbox on another platform.
  9. Lob

    How should I improve my BT Broadband Fibre connection speeds (UK)

    It seems you should get 80/20 and you're getting ~6/17? Start as it comes into the house. Are all cables good, have you tested when directly connected to the BT CPE using a good cable? Do that and if your download is still bad, call it into BT. Setting up a capable LAN behind their box would...
  10. Lob

    email security

    Secure mail is hard. As pointed out, there are many ways to skin the cat, almost all of which leave some fir in place. In no particular order: Opportunistic TLS - relaying SMTP servers negotiate to use TLS; this is in place for most big providers and companies and works 99.9% of the time...
  11. Lob


    a wedding and we were not invited?!?! :D 🍰
  12. Lob

    Cyber Insurance - is it *that* simple (I think not)

    It's been mentioned many times on SN, usually in the context of ransomware in local authorities, that cyber insurance has paid up to cover the actual ransom (or a large proportion of it). The company I work for has a cyber security policy for which the conditions are strict (we must actively...
  13. Lob


    I am liking TailScale, my media server (Serviio) at location B is now streaming video over a TailScale layer from my Windows shares at location A. Benefit is not having to syncthing Terabytes of data. Negatives I have yet to see, it seems I can control whether inbound traffic is possible to...
  14. Lob


    So I am trying it and my two-home setup seems to ease because of this. I can stop duplication if I use it. For Windows and iOS devices, I have a network layer where they all see each other once this is turned on. Great, I say. My killer use is being able to map a drive to my server from...
  15. Lob, plaid, and your bank. Is your info really safe?

    Home - Open Bank Project I think what you want is to permission services from within your secure environment to others without password sharing. To do this is nuts and comes at a grave risk. This will allow you to add accounts and view your portfolio beyond your primary banking partner and...