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  1. Lob

    Drive Erasure Tool

    For Windows: This works quite well. I know this because we had to forensically examine a machine that someone covered their tracks using this and it made the job very hard.
  2. Lob

    SN648: Strava

    New news: Old news: Kudos @Steve for being 4 years ahead of the game :D :D
  3. Lob

    The Great "Alternatives to Chrome" Browser thread

    Following on from this thread which is similar.... UR Browser seems to have nice features and is very configurable: (does anyone know why Windows considers this a PUA? :D) Any other options you can think of or offer?
  4. Lob

    SN875: Erik Osterholm's question

    Certainly the individual key strength remains constant but if different secrets were used, the complexity and time to brute force the layers increases per layer you add to this onion. I see it to be similar to me having a discussion with my teenager who uses something like this technique to...
  5. Lob

    SN875: Erik Osterholm's question

    I come to the conclusion that the fastest you could decrypt the plain text while not knowing any key is, as above, theoretically 2 days given the other assumptions. There is a big but (or two or three): You don't know any keys nor any plain text You have to assume the ciphertext produced is...
  6. Lob

    Achieving Browser Privacy

    don't forget the stories of extensions changing hands and then suddenly changing purpose. and you're trusting the supply chain of what is usually some hobbyist.......
  7. Lob

    Desktop Image software (windows 10)

    Macrum Reflect free version Veeam does similar free tiers but I found it buggy.
  8. Lob

    Achieving Browser Privacy

    This is a security forum, we should all be happy that our corporate Chromium browsers don't allow unvetted code to run on our corporate devices :D I can actually say that I blocked the installation of any extensions on a Chrome deployment some years ago - firstly, above and secondly, nobody...
  9. Lob

    Achieving Browser Privacy

    With the recent news that DDG browser is "receptive" due to contractual terms to MS trackers (to an extent), I am wondering what the SN audience here are doing for their standard browser experience. Here's my basic setup: Edge Chromium (because of native vertical tabs) uBlock Origin Cookie...
  10. Lob

    Using VMs in the Cloud (GCP, Azure, OCI, AWS, etc)

    I just got my first bill from Google.....using a couple of accounts, each with 2 poverty-spec VMs (:D) - $0.00 That is: - two Wordpress instances - an OpenVPN AS - an Opencanary that is open to the Internet (I turned off the Slack feed, it was just too annoying!) If you pay attention to the...
  11. Lob

    Using VMs in the Cloud (GCP, Azure, OCI, AWS, etc)

    I think they do, effectively a VPS is the same. Except with the free tiers, some Cloud providers are cheaper.... Not Azure. I hear you can do a lot without a fixed IP at AWS too.
  12. Lob

    Using VMs in the Cloud (GCP, Azure, OCI, AWS, etc)

    I am wondering if anyone is using cloud compute resources for personal use? I seem to have stumbled upon the free tiers in OCI and GCP where I have two OpenVPN-AS servers (Google's is quicker), a Wordpress host (@Steve hahahahahhahhahaha!1) and another host, all on the free micro-tiers. I am...
  13. Lob

    Solution for pfSense and VPN client gateway randomness

    Both excellent and overkill :D
  14. Lob

    SN Listener Forever (ME) Makes ~TWO Security Mistakes

    These things happen to the best of us. My company sends out phishing emails and, as it looked related to something from last year that was official, I clicked on it (the topic being 2 days extra holiday :D). I then proceeded to fuzz the URL that was personalised for me and questioned whether...
  15. Lob

    Patch Tuesday, RIP (or not....)

    Perversely, it's actually enterprise-focused. I can only assume that they will reduce the reboot requirements wherever possible - nobody will welcome frequent reboots, Windows nowadays does not need it. I can say my corporate VMs nag me into a reboot once a week, my personal Surface Pro 7 gets...