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  1. L

    Dependency confusion

    In my mind, it would be better to slow the evolution somewhat than to risk an undetected incursion.
  2. L

    Dependency confusion

    In SN 807, Steve talks about confusion in dependencies when building services. He said it's hard to guard against something like that. Wouldn't it help to have a manifest with hashes of each module in the build that could be checked to make sure there were no unexpected modules included due to...
  3. L

    DNS cheating aka CNAME Collusion or CNAME cloaking

    Can one add these names into the hosts file and point them back to
  4. L

    The US Govt is still using FORTRAN for Climate Modeling

    I think Fortran was a great language. I could do just about anything in that language. I found it especially good at handling character strings.Started coding with it when it was Fortran II D. Practically memorized the ANSI standard.
  5. L

    Firewall Software for Android ?

    I've never rooted my Android phones. Don't understand why I'd want to. My wife and I both use Tracfone - she has a Galaxy A51 and I have a Pixel 4a. Each of us pays less that $20/month for our service.
  6. L

    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    I'm also one of those people who has a very tolerant spouse. We married each other over 46 years ago. I, too, started my career programming (my first project was to write a Fortran-like compiler that generated a proprietary assembly language for an airborne computer) but later transitioned to...
  7. L

    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    > people might choose to wait until v7.1 to upgrade from v6.1, since it won't be until v7.1 that I'll be able to get USB working natively. I'm not being mean or insulting, but that should be able 2030, then, judging on how long it took to get from the start of 6.1 development until now. I'm not...
  8. L

    Latest InitDisk does not create bootable USB

    Yea, I already said I have a bootable drive, but thanks anyway.
  9. L

    NVME Timeline?

    What's a good newsreader for a Chromebook?
  10. L

    Latest InitDisk does not create bootable USB

    I used ReadSpeed to create a bootable USB drive and then copied SpinRite to it as well. I ran ReadSpeed, then when it was done, I tried to find out if SpinRite had any command parameters or switches by typing C:\> spinrite /? I saw a help screen, but couldn't go anywhere after that. Esc didn't...
  11. L

    GAMES Simulation, Logic, Puzzle, Exploration, Story Games to RELAX By

    I bought the six Myst games I loved way back when from GOG since they all work on Windows 10 now. Now I've got to find the time to play them.
  12. L

    Levels of Unix guru

    I worked with RSX and VMS from about 1975 to 2017. The company for which I worked had 11/725s, an 11/730, an 11/780, an 11/782, an 8400, an 8500, an a couple of 8600s, and ended with a 7000 series before transitioning to CHARON-VAX. We also had VAXstations of various models.
  13. L

    The Entire and the Rose

    Steve goes gaga over Peter F. Hamilton and I tend to agree, but I just started reading "The Bright of the Sky", the first book of "The Entire and the Rose" series by Kay Kenyon. It has a huge sweep, in my opinion, just like Hamilton's work. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
  14. L

    Public WiFi question

    I thought I read that if there is a publicly-available WiFi access point, that as long as it has a password, even if the password is known to everyone, that the individual connections to the access point are encrypted so it is safe to use. Is this true or not?