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  1. Happenstrance

    UEFI Booting

    No, I remember RAMLink with an Action Replay mark VI plugged into the passthrough port. That thing could hold all 14 sides of the AD&D games Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds from 5¼" floppies plus an instance of GeOS in memory! I've no idea whether SpinRite would work on that...
  2. Happenstrance

    ReadSpeed and logical disk structure

    I wonder if SpinRite knows about obscure filesystems, like Haiku's OpenBFS or Redox OS's version of TFS?
  3. Happenstrance

    Welcome to Steve Gibson's Blog

    Thank you, this makes total sense now. Also, did a new link just appear at the top of these forums to 📁SQRL FORUMS and in the same spot at those forums back to these ones? That's very cool 😎
  4. Happenstrance

    Welcome to Steve Gibson's Blog

    Sounds like this could be crowdsourced by having the community contribute to, for example, github hosted documents that we each work on our own forks of, sending pull requests of our edits/new content for Steve (or/plus trusted people he nominates) to approve? One user-friendly interface for...
  5. Happenstrance

    Welcome to Steve Gibson's Blog

    I have to say I was confused why the SQRL forums are completely separate from these, requiring me to register here (which felt like re-registering) instead of existing as a subforum category. It just seems a duplication of effort.