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    Is RDP in a local network a risk

    I use Remote Desktop (yes, the highly vulnerable Windows RDP) to access other machines around the house, but I am wondering that if my router ends up being breached, I have now made it easy to get into my computers. My router has the newest firmware available. What say you all, big risk or small?
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    "The Nevers" on HBO, Joss Whedon

    "The Nevers" (on HBO) is and entertaining Victorian, steampunk story. Joss Whedon (of Firefly fame) touch , supposedly for the first several episodes, then maybe a change in directors. Worth a look
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    Book; Holly Danger by Amanda Carlson

    Got the 3 book set (books 1-3) for cheap through Bookbub (you choose categories you want and get offers of books free or cheap on Kindle and maybe other formats, great way to try new authors). At first, when I got the offer I thought "name like Holly Danger, this isn't going to be much", but I...
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    Fan of Terry Pratchet? Check out BBC "The Watch"

    I have been binge watching a bunch of episodes today; they have captured much of the Pratchet magic. Give it a look- you won't be sorry.
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    Scotties ashes are on the space station! As one of Star Trek’s most beloved characters, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott spent a lifetime exploring the galaxy...
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    Truly random passwords really better than long pass phrase?

    I was listening to Leos Saturday tech guy podcast on Twit, and he was of the opinion that pass phrases were no good because they do not include numbers and have words found in the dictionary. I think this might be wrong for the following reasons; 1) A pass phrase with no spaces (maybe even...
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    Not sci fi- but if you like movies in the form of the 30's and 40's ones; Mank

    Just watched the movie Mank on Netflix. It is the story of the alcoholic script writer that wrote Citizen Cane. He also had the idea (and never got credit) for the change from B&W to color for the Oz movie. It is in B&W, witty and all about character. My wife says it was too talky for her (I was...
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    Star Wars Fans - REAL "Light" Saber

    Big fun- most real lightsabres to date.