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  1. Greg S

    Where can I sign up to try out Spinrite 6.1

    Version 6.1 is still in development. You can see progress reports here.
  2. Greg S

    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    I recently moved from LastPass to 1Password and the migration was quite simple. I don't know why everyone here seems to be obsessed with Bitwarden. I have them both and find 1Password far better.
  3. Greg S

    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    It does. There is a little button above the password labeled "Show Password History". That will show you just that.
  4. Greg S

    SecurityNow ads
  5. Greg S

    What is this DOS thing

    I assume you have changed the boot order settings in the BIOS to hit the USB drive first.
  6. Greg S

    Protectli vs. Netgate

    How does one go about testing your actual bandwidth with true accuracy? I have a 400 Mbps down/20 Mbps up cable internet connection (well that is what they claim). I also recently purchased a Protectli FW4B, just because y'all got me so curious. Speed tests vary quite wildly between testing...
  7. Greg S


    I have seen USB drives that actually have a physical locking switch on them. Any chance that is the case with yours? Look closely.
  8. Greg S

    Call for Opinions: Topics for “Conversation Forums”

    I am all for purging forums without mercy. So much so that I must say I was saddened to see you extend the inactive thread TTL from 7 days to 28.
  9. Greg S

    Call for Opinions: Topics for “Conversation Forums”

    Nothing decays faster than computer technology. They only threads that should persist are those that pertain to technology that is still in use. If people are still using SpinRite 6.x in fifteen years, then threads that discuss how to use it can exist for fifteen years. There is no reason for...
  10. Greg S

    Call for Opinions: Topics for “Conversation Forums”

    Is it possible to force people to have to post into one of the "sub-forums", or would they still be able to post into the "parent forum" if they feel their post doesn't fit a sub? I ask because I am for the "focused forum". The "anything goes" forums always degenerate into madness and mayhem.
  11. Greg S

    Protectli vs. Netgate

    I hear you talk about these "pfsense" routers frequently on the podcast. What do they do that is not already covered by my Asus AC1900 (I have heard you mention that you also have an NT or AC series Asus router)? Why do you need both?
  12. Greg S

    Forum Population

    That was the day @Steve announced on the newsgroup that the forums were open for registration.