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  1. George Shaw

    SpinRite MBR warning message - and question

    I'm looking for the same answer. Mine is a 1TB Samsung SSD 840 EVO. I get the "Invalid Partition for Drive Size; This partition exceeds the size of this drive as defined by the system's BIOS...." message as described above when selecting the drive. I'd like to run SpinRite on it to see if it...
  2. George Shaw

    Dell desktop boots only one USB drive

    Thanks all. Yes, I'd wanted to run RS on the USB drive, but that would not have been possible.
  3. George Shaw

    Dell desktop boots only one USB drive

    I have a Dell XPS 8900 with a Samsung SSD internally and a Segate 5TB USB drive for backup storage externally. If I then also plug in a RS USB stick and cycle power, and make all the legacy BIOS setting changes, the boot menu lists only one USB storage device and will attempt to boot from the...