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  1. garryweil

    What is this DOS thing

    Yes I agree, that's been my experience too
  2. garryweil

    Future UEFI support in SpinRite

    The upgrade price will be well worth it, whatever it is!
  3. garryweil

    Windows "Quick Assist" - Secure Enough?

    Being in an enterprise network I would suspect that they already have their cert in you cert store and can thus see your content regardless. Correct?
  4. garryweil

    Easiest way to BIOS on Win 10

    Cool, way faster than using settings! Thanks I'll remember this
  5. garryweil

    Easiest way to BIOS on Win 10

    Most of us will need to disable Secure Boot in the BIOS. On windows the easiest and universal way to get to the BIOS is from settings; Settings->Update & security->Recovery->Advanced startup->Restart now->Choose an option->Troubleshoot->Advanced options->UEFI Firmware settings->Restart yes it's...