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  1. DesignatedJ02

    Two Exploits Patched In Google Chrome That Are Being Exploited In The Wild

    According to google's releases page, two exploits CVE-2020-16013 and CVE-2020-16017, are being exploited in the Wild. The latest Chrome update, .198, fixes those issues.
  2. DesignatedJ02

    Anyone have their CompTIA A+ Certification? Could Use Some Pointers.

    I am more interested in the security aspect of things. I will take a look at that program you gave. Thank you!
  3. DesignatedJ02

    Anyone have their CompTIA A+ Certification? Could Use Some Pointers.

    I am sticking this in the hardware section here due to this being somewhat hardware related. Does anyone have their CompTIA A+ Certification? I am a college student, in a Junior College at the moment, working to transfer to a Uni and pursue my Computer Science degree with a focus in Cyber...
  4. DesignatedJ02

    Another Chrome Zero Day Patched By Google That Is Being Exploited In The Wild

    Here is an article from Bleeping Computer that talks about a recently (I think today) patched Zero Day in Chrome that is being actively exploited in the wild. Make sure you patch now!
  5. DesignatedJ02

    Welcome to Steve Gibson's Blog

    The forum looks great so far! I am excited to keep up with your work and interact with the community!