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    Results: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB

    Oops, you are right. Must've not woken up yet!
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    Results: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB

    Very reproducible results, all around the 540MBps mark. Surely that's a relatively new drive?
  3. D

    What is this DOS thing

    Steve is moving away from DOS after 6.1 to support more modern systems such as UEFI. unfortunately it's not as simple to just move to a Linux CLI.
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    Seagate BarraCuda Pro Results

    That's a hard one to accomplish as there are probably a few things that fall into the category of - it would be nice to see this in the interface. The more that's added the more cluttered it becomes. If it was easy to figure out which drives are SMR and which drives aren't and then produce the...
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    Seagate BarraCuda Pro Results

    @Lumbis if you are referring to the speeds that are closer to 600MBps; according to the drive spec it's a Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) drive. This would mean that the firmware knows there's nothing in the 50%+ regions of the drive and therefore just reports back instantly at the maximum...
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    RS results for misc old hard drives (1 SSD, 1 hybrid, 4 spinning)

    Right, well fair enough. And from installed from 2013 too, hopefully as this work continues we'll learn a bit more about what's happening under the hood and why we see slowdowns vs why we don't. From the maximum read performance on these drives it looks like your numbers are pretty spot on...
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    RS results for misc old hard drives (1 SSD, 1 hybrid, 4 spinning)

    @mfalkvidd what kind of usage do you have with this disk? Is it doing alot of writing to all parts of the disk? What we have been finding is that a write triggers the SSD to "fix itself" by doing something behind the scenes. Anecdotally on the SSDs I've seen as O/S disks; the front part gets...
  8. D

    MacBook Pro mid-2012 internal SSD

    @iRandy if you do use those switches it would be good to know which ones work for you. Also I think the keyboard not working only happens once you start the scan, I think you can still choose the levels and access the menu options but I have never tried it. I'll see if I can find a better...
  9. D

    MacBook Pro mid-2012 internal SSD

    @iRandy if SpinRite will run on the drive you can first try a level 2 and rerun the benchmark to check for any performance improvement. If there is none you can try doing a level 3 scan in SpinRite which will write to each bit once. Most of us who have done this have noticed the drive read...
  10. D

    ReadSpeed Results

    @Ed Zucker looks like you have a number of different drives and systems there that work. The /ident had also indicated that Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120GB is connected to a slower SATA link (assuming they're the same system).
  11. D

    NVME Timeline?

    @pmikep it all depends on your connector as I understand it. The slots will usually be M and M+B compatible or B and M+B compatible but if you have an M key SSD and a B/M+B reader it won't physically fit due to the indentations and pin layout. If it fits it should read and work AFAIK.
  12. D

    Readspeed before and after Spinrite Level 3

    @lovecakeboy @bghite it should say above the benchmark table if a SATA3 Capable drive is connected to a slower interface. If you want to rerun the benchmark hit the escape key and run RS.exe /ident This will specify the drive and interface capabilities.
  13. D

    Latest InitDisk does not create bootable USB

    Meant this from the perspective of why would you use InitDisk.exe with the freedos command and copy the RS.exe file not what's the point of the rs.exe file in general. Unless you use InitDisk on Linux?
  14. D

    Latest InitDisk does not create bootable USB

    @PHolder agreed - I have edited to be clearer in my post. If @tbode2021 wants to use RS rhey should use the ReadSpeed.exe to do it. Steve did make the RS.exe available separately for those who already have DOS or use other methods of creating bootable DOS USBs (such as on Linux), so this could...
  15. D

    Resolved Boot problem

    @CSharpe is your keyboard wireless? Do you know what kind of port it was connected to? ie USB3+?