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    6.1 or 7.0

    I gave away the PC, not Spinrite. That is still with me.
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    AARG! AARG! Internet useless for research!

    Stop using Google, install UBlock Origin ad blocker in Firefox. Don't use Chrome, IE or Edge. If you are starting up Firefox, don't let it copy data from other browsers automatically. Use the manual bookmark export and import them into Firefox. You can make Firefox strict on preventing...
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    6.1 or 7.0

    Purchaser of 6.0, a long time ago (Window Vista) but couldn't use it on my personal system (the reason I purchased Spinrite, until I gave it away to someone else a couple years ago) due to HP and their weird boot partition that Spinrite said was dangerous (don't recall the error message anymore)...
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    Elliptic curve crypto on a micro controller

    You can't assume all IOT devices will be from the same manufacturer as not all manufacturers create IOT devices for all purposes. In a non-homogeneous network, verification of all devices is more difficult as they don't have a common manufacturer or root. If you could get a trusted root public...
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    ReadSpeed results on 2TB Raid spinning drives

    I believe I went NVME for the speed.
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    ReadSpeed results on 2TB Raid spinning drives

    Had to enable CSM, boot to legacy only, save and reboot, then run it. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula It successfully tested the 2 2TB Raid spinning drives. The UEFI boot drive (1TB M2) was ignored by ReadSpeed. I thought this was odd initially, though legacy mode is probably the cause. USB...