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  • A Patch for SpinRite 6.0's Division Overflow
    Please see my blog posting for the whole story!
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    4 years!

    Right. With the move to SR 7x, all the restrictions of the 16 bit DOS-BIOS environment of SR 6.1 will be gone. The flood gates to "feature creep" will be WIDE open. Steve may succumb to "featuritis"! :)
  2. D

    4 years!

    Comparing SR 6.1 and SR 7 development times is comparing apples to oranges. They are two quite different scenarios: - SR 6.1 is in 16 bit DOS code with many restrictions, dependencies, problems, etc. It was built from scratch. - SR 7 will be clean 32 bit code with NO DOS / BIOS mucking things...
  3. D

    4 years!

    My guess? 1 year. Minimum. Most likely longer. 😐 The "long pole in the tent" would appear to be re-coding the 16 bit SR 6.1 code, with all of its DOS/BIOS dependencies/limitations, into pure clean 32 bit code for SR 7. I have no idea how long that might take. :unsure:
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    Spinrite 6.x Update ?

    SR 6.1 development updates are NOT posted here in the public forums. You would need to go to the SpinRite Development NewsGroup for that. :)
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    Spinrite 6.1 "less sphincter pressure" switch?

    Level 2 DynaStat 0 WARNING: DynaStat 0 is A DANGEROUS "pro option" which will turn off recovery and ONLY REWRITE damaged sectors without first attempting any recovery. You can also use DynaStat 1, 2, 3, 4 for shorter time outs with potential data...
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    How to: Boot and Run SpinRite 6.0 on a UEFI Machine

    Wow! Over half a year later and SR 6.1 is now almost in its 5th month of Alpha testing & development. Methinks it is quite likely now weeks rather than months away from Beta. I know Steve cannot get it there soon enough, but things cannot be rushed. It's coming, people! Just be patient a...
  7. D

    Minimum system requirements for Spinrite

    There are no SpinRite forums here yet - but there will be. Meanwhile, perhaps the Software forum? That system is more than adequate. SpinRite's system requirements, be it SR 5.0, SR 6.0, or the work-in-progress 6.1, are very minimal. One more thing,. If the system's drive controller is AHCI...
  8. D

    Compatible processor types

    Encrypted? No. Signed? Possibly Steve believes he has a solution. We will not know more until SpinRite 6.1 is done and Steve can focus his attention on RTOS-32 and SpinRite 7.
  9. D

    Compatible processor types

    SpinRite 7.x will be pure 32 bit apps with no dependence on BIOS or UEFI. They will boot and run in both environments while having no dependence on either.
  10. D

    Reporting Spinrite Error

    This seems to be a drive with an MBR partition and a GPT partition. SR 6.0 cannot handle GPT partitions. SR 6.1 will handle GPT just fine.
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    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    It is that way for two reasons. One is for bot control as you noted. The other is to minimize the number of members for now. There are already plenty of testers there. When SpinRite does go into Beta testing Steve will announce that here in these forums with appropriate explicit information for...
  12. D

    SpinRite 6.1

    Yes, making a FreeDOS USB drive should work. Yes, FreeDOS and MSDOS are "mini" OS'es. I was thinking of a higher level OS. I have edited my previous post for clarity.
  13. D

    SpinRite 6.1

    When SpinRite 6.1 is eventually released it will run on DOS, either FreeDOS or MSDOS. No OS required.
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    Off topic News server connections

    That is precisely it. When Steve updated some things on the news server back in Aug 2022, TLS was broken. He has been too busy with SpinRite development to deal with that. At some point he will get back to to it. But for now news server access is port 119, no TLS. Note: The same applies to...