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    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    Screen Thief could be worth a try:
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    Pending Progress bar resetting

    Also, is it possible to turn off that retry and have it return 'FAILURE' instead? I think the vastly different numbers this drive is returning could be from reading different areas.
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    Pending Progress bar resetting

    Ah, good to know it's not a bug :). Does ReadSpeed log this behavior anywhere, or would that be a feature request?
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    Hard drive storage

    I found a solution: plastic trays from Tek Source Solutions. They're not perfect, but they're good enough for now. Each set of trays is $59.95, which is $1/slot for 3.5" and $0.60/slot for 2.5". The cost per slot goes down with the higher quantity options, but I didn't need that many. 3x 20...
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    Pending Progress bar resetting

    It's a SATA drive, so 6.0 would definitely work on it. It's a drive I bought just for testing, so it doesn't have any data on it. I figure a known bad drive is a better test for 6.1 than a known good drive.
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    Pending Progress bar resetting

    The resetting usually takes place at 0%, and also ends up being around 155 MB/s. This drive is very inconsistent. I did the sub-block tests on it, but didn't include it in that post because the results fluctuated too much. 155.2 436.0 542.9 448.3 542.8 154.4 435.6 542.8...
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    Pending Progress bar resetting

    I have a strange little mSATA drive (32 GB Emphase G5RM3G032-M) I bought from eBay that seems to have some problems. The problems are severe enough that it occasionally freaks out ReadSpeed. I finally got a capture card, and the first run I captured with it couldn't have been better. The...
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    Pending Inconsistent results between sub-block options (/3, /4, etc)

    I stumbled across this while messing around with a drive I got recently (the Kingston below). I noticed that its /4 results were noticeably higher than its regular results. I tested a few more drives and discovered that they're the opposite. Most drives get slower with the higher options. I ran...
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    I killed an SSD, then brought it back to life

    I bought a strange little SSD an eBay (shipping was ~19 days). The label claims it is an 8 GB Bu King T650-8GB, but smartctl says it is a 16 GB Innodisk 3ME. Strangely, it had an almost 8 GB partition with a weird Unicode label, and the rest was left empty. I ran some tests on it, then...
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    Pending Drive size is not rounded up

    Drive manufacturers use 1 KB = 1,000 bytes. Here's what my 128 GB Samsung PM830 shows: ReadSpeed: +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ReadSpeed: Hyper-accurate mass storage read-performance benchmark. rel 1 | | Benchmarked values are in...
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    Pending Drive size is not rounded up

    I have a couple of strange little SSDs whose labels show 16 GB, but actually fall a little short. One of them is 15,837,691,904 bytes [15.8 GB], and the other is 15,934,586,880 bytes [15.9 GB]. ReadSpeed and SR-R02 both show this as 15 GB instead of rounding up to 16. This is a tiny cosmetic...
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    Hard drive storage

    A lot of these are old/broken drives that I have removed from computers I have fixed or upgraded. I don't want to store anything on these drives. They are just for testing.
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    Hard drive storage

    EDIT: I found a solution. How do you store your hard drives? I currently have mine stacked up in a few boxes, but I want something better. The products at look great, but they're quite expensive. I bought a plastic cabinet on Amazon, but the listed dimensions are...
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    Closed Maxtor drive returns FAILURE in ReadSpeed, but SpinRite works

    I have a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 that is dying. I removed it from a friend's computer over 10 years ago and wrote DEAD on it in Sharpie. It's not a drive I care about at all, but I figured I may as well try ReadSpeed on it. ReadSpeed starts like normal, but the progress bar at the top...
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    Readspeed results (2 SSDs), Spinrite error?

    Yes. SpinRite does not currently work with GPT. Steve is actively working on SR 6.1 right now which will be compatible.