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    3-2-1 backup, what other media do you use besides HDDs?

    My backup requirements are not particularly demanding. Laptop data synced to Desktop once a week. The Desktop is used by my spouse and would be synced to another laptop when traveling. Data from both is backed up weekly to encrypted zip file(s). These are then auto synced to OneDrive and...
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    DUckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

    I have recently installed this addon in Firefox. It is intended to reduce the ability of sites to track your activities. SO far it has only prevented two sites from responding normally, my bank (surprising) and an IPV6 test site. Anybody have experience with it?
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    Work Offline in Firefox ?

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    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    In the recent episode of Windows Weekly, Paul Thurrott tore a strip off all the people complaining about this change in LP. His contention was the charge is only a couple of $$ per month and why would they expect to get this service for free. If they want free then use one of the basic...
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    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    Leo made one reference to LP, in passing, towards the end of the show, but that was it.
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    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    The majority of my accounts/entries are used on my laptop, and only a few on my phone. The solution for now, until they close this loophole, is sharing sites and allowing passwords to be visible with a different account on the phone.
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    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    Most unfortunate. Of my limited usage 99% is on a PC and only 1% on my phone. Will find a workaround or alternative as I do not need to add another life-time subscription service.
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    To VPN or NOT?

    I second the recommendation to never use the ISP's email. It handcuffs you to them. The sooner you make the switch the sooner you will get all you contact changing over.
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    SN #790, Misc., Why People Don't Update, Upgrade, and Patch

    Android is open source. Independent developers use this base to build, enhance, maintain, taking out any crapware, and fixing bugs. An example of this is Lineage. They have been releasing these Custom ROMs for years so the trust level is extremely high. This would be an ideal time to try a...
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    SN #790, Misc., Why People Don't Update, Upgrade, and Patch

    I fall into the camp of being a regular updater, and wanting my devices to be current. Having said that, my 3 year old Android phone had reached end of support. It was now two versions behind with Android OS and monthly security updates had stopped. The alternatives seemed to be just live with...
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    Browsers with vertical tabs

    After I heard Steve mention vertical tabs a few times I decided to give it a try as an alternative to all the open Firefox instances and the cumbersome switching process. Now I will never go back. Your image show the menu bar as vertical and tabs being horizontal. In my configuration the menu...
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    Thanks Microsoft, you’ve broken my Start menu button

    You should not need to do the "nuclear" option. The current Windows process allows you to do a Reset to reinstall Win10.
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    Thanks Microsoft, you’ve broken my Start menu button

    Is this a physical or touch button on the display, or the Windows key on the keyboard? If it is the keyboard, do all the other keys works? What about getting to the Start Menu using the mouse and clicking on the icon in the bottom left of the TaskBar?