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  1. Barry Wallis

    Has anyone noticed M$ turning on secure boot

    So far, the answer to your original question is no. :-)
  2. Barry Wallis

    Off topic News server connections

    I can do it with Thunderbird if I turn off the use of encryption.
  3. Barry Wallis

    Off topic News server connections

    I get "Connection to server was interrupted."
  4. Barry Wallis

    Janet Jackson Crashes Hard Drives

    Exactly my thoughts.
  5. Barry Wallis

    6.1 3 years?

    Well said. My 4TB HDD runs over USB 3. I mainly use it for constant online backup using MS File History. I don't see a need to replace it any time soon (especially if SR 7.1 can keep it running).
  6. Barry Wallis

    6.1 3 years?

    What makes you say that? I have a 4TB USB drive on a UEFI only laptop,
  7. Barry Wallis

    4TB USB HDD, UEFI only system, weak sectors

    Per @Steve's SpinRite roadmap UEFI support will come in 7.0 and USB support in 7.1.
  8. Barry Wallis


    I used AnyDVD back in the day.
  9. Barry Wallis


    I use OBS Studio to record anything that can play on my laptop (including live video).
  10. Barry Wallis

    C++ straight Windows API Help github code

    Boy! That brings back memories. Have you read the Charles Petzold Programming Windows book yet?
  11. Barry Wallis

    6.1 3 years?

    And the update is still free for current SR owners!
  12. Barry Wallis

    Keep a close watch on your Kia or Hyundai

    Unfortunately, it turns out doing this makes it so the thief can't reoffend while in jail, however, it doesn't deter most others as they are generally convinced they won't get caught.
  13. Barry Wallis

    3D Printing

    Thanks for the update. I've heard the Keaton naming story as well.
  14. Barry Wallis

    3D Printing

    Thanks, I will check out the Keaton film. The trick with the glass is called Pepper's Ghost and is the basis for the ghosts in the Disney Parks' Haunted Mansion ballroom scene. It was created by Imagineer Yale Gracey (hence the name of the building; Gracey Mansion). Gracey was a member of the...
  15. Barry Wallis

    3D Printing

    Thanks. My friend Stuart Macdonald does magic with a mirror: Note: This is his winning stage magic performance at FISM North America. FISM is literally the Olympics of magic (except that it is held every three years). This qualified him to compete in the worldwide championship in Canada at the...