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  1. Barry Wallis

    SecurityNow ads

    I too thought that when I started listening, but over the years it has been obvious that at times Leo isn't listening to what @Steve is saying (more so with Paul and Mary Jo on Windows Weekly) which I understand but still find disrespectful (especially when he asks a question that was just...
  2. Barry Wallis

    Out with the old..... [SpinRite]

    I am positive that SpinRite does not include any telemetry.
  3. Barry Wallis

    Side channel when using Signal on Android?

    @pmikep Since satellite surveillance is a limited resource you have to be the kind of person the government is tracking or in an area they are constantly watching.
  4. Barry Wallis

    Easy2Boot project

    I would change "may not" to "won't."
  5. Barry Wallis

    Has anyone used PerfectDisk defragmenter

    @alt3rn1ty: Microsoft may agree with you re: hibernating as they ship Windows 10 with the ability to hibernate turned off. You have to run powercfg from an elevated cmd prompt to enable it.
  6. Barry Wallis

    Stuck on '0' for a very long while...

    In fact, InitDisk requires you to remove and reinsert the USB to prove that it is removable. @Steve doesn't want to be responsible for accidentally formatting a non-removable disk.
  7. Barry Wallis

    Has anyone used PerfectDisk defragmenter

    I hibernate when I am done at the end of the night. This preserves the state of my computer where shutting it down wouldn't. With the resiliency of SSDs the extra writes shouldn't be that big a deal (my hiber.sys file is 12.6GB of my 1TB SSD).
  8. Barry Wallis

    Resolved Keyboard input not being recognized.

    Thanks for the elucidation @Steve.
  9. Barry Wallis

    ISP's that use the customers telephone number as their WiFi password.

    It's that final "1" that made it secure. If they wanted to be really secure it should have been "Welcome1"
  10. Barry Wallis

    GAMES Simulation, Logic, Puzzle, Exploration, Story Games to RELAX By

    I'm always looking for games my wife and I could play together. Myst was one of them. Thanks!
  11. Barry Wallis

    Resolved Keyboard input not being recognized.

    How is that even possible?
  12. Barry Wallis

    Future UEFI support in SpinRite

    I agree. However, I will need to wait for both UEFI and NVMe or USB support for SpinRite to be useable.
  13. Barry Wallis

    To VPN or NOT?

    Unfortunately, I don't. I see no reason to use a VPN from home and when I was working (I've been retired for a year) I used my company's VPN and e-mail system, so I didn't have that problem. Also, I have never used my ISPs e-mail system that way if I move to a different ISP, I won't have to...
  14. Barry Wallis

    To VPN or NOT?

    @HarryK: Are you using your ISPs mail servers? If you are, my guess is that you can only get to them while you are on their network (i.e., from your home). When you use a VPN you are bypassing your ISPs network and using your VPN server to get on the Internet. If you use an e-mail server that is...
  15. Barry Wallis

    help - can't get to youtube and others - cisco umbrella root CA

    I hate when problems seem to fix themselves. I'm glad it's fixed for you though.