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    1Passwrd going cloud only

    Seems that for version 8, 1p won't have a stand alone application anymore. They have published a white paper, enumarating some of the design guidelines they used. Though it seems solid, still prefer a stand alone app, with the stored data locally...
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    822 extrinsic password manager

    Found a response from agilebits about Tavis concern about external managers
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    reduce email presence

    To reduce my footprint, I tend to remove older messages. Have been using Mail Archiver X for a while. Makes it harder to search when away from my computer, but reduces exposure from older emails. Also, you could just delete them, but there are times that having your older messages can be useful...
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    LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

    It is a pain to get, but 1password has a local version, so you don't depend on their online services. Convenient if it is for your own use, or don't need to share passwords with others
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    browser config depository

    Throughout the show, Steve has given several switches to tweak the browsers. However, we mgiht take advantage of these then, but sometimes we need to reset the browser (which already had to do). Any chance of having these listed somewhere on Thanks for the hard work and keeping us...
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    Renaming the Security Now podcast

    that would get around the 3 digit dilema. Start a whole new podcast. If they are sweet on the name Security Now again?
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    smtp port

    Just found something interesting today. The SMTP port does more than send the emails, it allows you to chose which protocol you want to use. Used to be some ports were blocked by some ISPs. Port 465 establishes an SSL connection, while 587 does it through TLS (at least with the servers I tried...
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    email security

    Thanks As bad as I remembered. Most people still assume email is secured :| and insist on using it for sensitive documentation
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    email security

    Without going off to the rough, I keep wondering about email system security. Not the connection between you and your server (which one can assume a certain amount of security because of ssl), but all the other connections along the way. If I recall correctly, email used to travel through a...
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    trustd on macOS

    you can't stop this process or the system won't run your application. However, you could use something like little snitch or hands off! to restrict applications from calling home
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    NAT Slipstreaming from Samy Kamkar

    For the ubiquiti edge routers you use the following command (there are several modules) set system conntrack modules x disable
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    What would you run in an EdgeRouterX?

    Takes some getting used to their interface. It is a bit different from other consumer routers. However, once you get over the initial learning difficulties, it is a rather powerful system. UI has been very good about upgrading the software. Mine is a poe model and it is a bit old. Also, UI is...
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    Vitamin D

    Without going onto political things, Trump was taking vit d and zinc before his hospitalization. Also in his last checkup (june) his vit b-12 and d were normal (whatever that means)